Hi Guys

I know you all have missed me, that is obvious right? Well I had some things to do, and the site got taken down, but now it is back and with the help of some friends it should be back in to time at all. Please keep checking back daily for updates. Thanks again and we love each and every one of you. Keep coming back!

Update: 12/16/14

Just a quick update guys and gals, we have recently hired a outside firm to handle all of our Marketing / Web Design Services. The company we hired was referred to us by one of our other companies that is located in another state. They have been using them for their local seo for about 9 months now and they said they have done an outstanding job getting their keywords on page 1 and have completely turned around their Internet presence. They have increased their online visibility tremendously and are very very happy with their work. We are very excited to get started and will update everyone each month as things get going. Just in case you are interested in who we hired, the name of the awesome seo company is SEOjus and they are located in South Florida. Ok well that is all we have for you now, please keep checking back for more information and updates. We really do appreciate everyone and their patience as we get our site back to how it was and thank everyone again. Have a great day, great holiday, and terrific New year.