Best Vape Reviews Site We Have Ever Seen

Hey guys today we are here to just give you all a end of 2015 post, nothing special or anything ok? Well we figured that since Vaping has blown up over the past year or two that it would be a great time to tell you all about a site that is the Best Vape Reviews Site we have ever seen. And trust is when we tell you, we have searched far and wide for a accurate, honest, and not compromised source of new reviews of the latest vaping products to hit the shelves. This site we are referring to today is the best of the best, cream of the crop, and only Vape Review Site you ever need to check or read. We check their site pretty much every day to see what product they have added or to see what deals they have posted.

A great review they did recently was the Herakles Plus Tank Review made by Sense which has gotten lot of attention in the Vape Community for being so good. They have done their preliminary review which they post almost immediately after they get a product in, and they have finished the full update review which they post after two to three weeks which has more detailed information and usually has coil life or aging specs as well.

All of their reviews they do are extremely detailed, written extremely well, have tons of high quality pictures of just the product and real life images as well, and they always try to include a quick spec section, a positive section, and a negative section also. They use bars to score a variety of metrics and one total score which is an average of the individual scores. We think the way they do the reviews couldn’t be any better written or presented. They do a perfect job on every post they write, even if it’s a bad review. They are the most honest reviewers we have seen, and they never compromise their ethics or morals to write positive things if they are not 100% completely true.

They have also written another awesome review which is the Playboy Vixen Tank Review that was designed and is marketed by Playboy Vapor. And yes we know what you are thinking, it is the same Playboy that is responsible for the most famous men’s magazine in the world.

So if you haven’t seen this site yet we suggest you check them out and read all the reviews they have posted on the site. They do it for people like you and me, just regular consumers that buy Vape products regularly and need a reliable source for accurate advice and information about the newest products that hit the shelves, online and in the actual physical store. That should be it and we are ready to wrap this post up, this will be the very last write up for the year 2015 and we look forward to 2016 for new blog posts and reviews to help you all out. Have a happy and healthy New Year, drive safe, and take care.

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